Adult Circumcision in Malaysia

Here at Universal Clinic, we use the ZSR Stapler Anastomat for adult circumcision.

Adult circumcision with ZSR stapler is a quick procedure. When it was compared with the conventional circumcision with stitches, stapler circumcision is associated with shorter surgical time, higher patient satisfaction with penile looks, lower operative pain, less operative blood loss, and lower wound bleeding post-operatively.

Who should one do adult circumcision?

Less risk of several sexually transmitted diseases

Less risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in female sex partners

Reduced risk of several urinary tract infections

Prevents inflammation of the glans (balanitis)

Prevents inflammation of the glans and foreskin (balanoposthitis)

Treatment for Phimosis(Inability to retract foreskin)

Procedure Technique

  • After local anaesthesia, foreskin retracted, and assess the suitability.
  • Apply the bell of the instrument inside the foreskin
  • Secure the right position of the stapling device
  • Stapler is triggered/ pressed to cut the foreskin and the wound is closed by staples at the same time.
  • Apply the bandage around the wound at the end of the circumcision

Why choose Universal Clinic for Adult Circumcision?

  • Skilled Doctors Who Have Performed Numerous Circumcision
  • Advanced Modern Stapler Used for Surgery.
  • Painless Procedure, Ensures Minimum Blood Loss and Involves No Stitches.
  • Free Follow-up Consultation Until Full Recovery

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