Genital Wart Removal in Malaysia

Genital warts are generally caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) via sexual intercourse at some point since you were sexually active.

The virus can stay dormant for many years and then due to local trauma such as shaving or stress the virus can present as warty lesions on the penis, vagina, groin, pubic and anal areas.

We understand the frustration, anxiety and stress that genital warts can cause in your life. This may especially be the case if you have tried other treatments before.

At Universal Clinic, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a same day genital wart removal for most of our patients and have the skillset to treat complex warts including anal and perianal warts.

What areas can you treat?

Wart lesions on the penis, vagina, groin, pubic and anal areas can be removed in one sitting

What methods of treatment are available?

Whilst numerous methods of genital wart exist, we only utilise Radio Frequency (RF) removal of warts at our clinic due to its effectiveness.

How do it work?

It involves the passage of radio waves into the skin to perform the removal or reshaping of a lesion. Radiofrequency uses low temperature, high frequency energy radio waves to cauterize warts.

RF treatment can cut and coagulate simultaneously without any need for applying pressure. This procedure has gained importance since it is easy to perform. Bleeding is minimal and so is downtime. Radiofrequency is practically free of side effects and complications.

Before the procedure, the doctor in charge will apply a local anaesthetic cream or injection on and around the warts so no pain is felt during the procedure.

Why choose Universal Clinic for Wart Removal?

  • Discreet, Compassionate and Effective Service
  • Only One Treatment Is Required for The Existing Warts
  • Minimal Scarring and Bleeding
  • Expert Doctors Who Are Wart Removal Specialist

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