Male Infertility Treatment in Malaysia

For couples whose fertility issues involve male factors, we offer investigations and treatments for men.

We investigate male fertility issues such as:

Low or no sperm counts

Normal count with poor sperm quality

Azoospermia: no sperm in the ejaculate

Abnormal hormone levels

Small or undescended testicles that do not produce enough sperm or testosterone


Dietary inadequacies

Why have a couple's fertility test?

A couple’s fertility test covers tests for both the man and the woman then a joint consultation. Assessing both the man and the woman is key when it comes to fertility so embarking on your journey together is important.

We would suggest a couple’s fertility test to couples who are currently trying to start a family as well as those thinking about getting pregnant in the near future. By looking at the couple as a whole allows us to assess the bigger picture and give you the results you want.

The man will undergo a semen analysis which is reviewed by our doctors. The woman has an AMH test (which gives an indication of ovarian reserve) and a pelvic ultrasound scan (to examine your ovaries and womb). Together you then have a fertility consultation with one of our experienced doctors to discuss the results and any treatment options needed.

Male infertility treatment

Infertility treatment can vary from correction of the hormonal imbalance in certain cases of hormonal male infertility to treatment of chronic infection of the genital tract.

We can also boost sperm health with medication.

Why choose Universal Clinic for Male Infertility Treatment?

  • Private and Discreet
  • Knowledgeable Doctors in The Field of Male Infertility.
  • Treatment That Will Be Tailored to Your Needs and Budget
  • Holistic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

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