Peyronie's Disease Treatment in Malaysia

Peyronies Disease
Shockwave Treatment

Universal Clinic is the leading provider of an innovative protocol for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease: a bent, deformed, or curved penis. Our doctors use shock wave therapy as treatment to the affected area. This results in a straightening of the curvature without discomfort or painful surgery or any reduction in penile sensitivity or length and restoring erectile function. As a result, we have enabled numerous patients to rediscover a healthy and pain-free sex life.

Peyronie’s Disease can affect men of all ages and is caused by trauma to the penis. Trauma can cause fibrous plaque to build up in blood vessels and penile tissue. This plaque build-up then restricts that side of the penis from expanding when the penis becomes erect. This result is that the penis curves upwards, downwards, sideways and occasionally around the circumference.


Patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease have a much greater likelihood of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Blood flow to the penis is inhibited when fibrous plaque forms in the many thousands of blood vessels. Our treatment will not only dissipate the fibrous plaque in the region of the Peyronie’s, but also reduce overall plaque, leading to longer lasting, fuller and stronger erections.

Universal Clinic use this treatment programme for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, erectile dysfunction and prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome). Our personalised treatment plan is perfect for your unique situation.

Why choose Universal Clinic for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment?

  • Treatment Using the Latest Technology
  • A Customised Treatment Programme
  • Confidential and Discreet
  • Experience Doctors in Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

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