Women’s Health Clinic in Malaysia

We can assist you with concerns relating to your menstrual cycle, fertility, sexual health, vaccinations and more.

Along with general medical concerns, there are a wide range of medical issues affecting women today. It’s never easy to find a Women’s Health Clinic in Malaysia that gives you the comprehensive care you need.

Using a patient centred approach, the doctors at Universal Clinic take the time to listen and to consider the concerns, desires, needs and lifestyle specific to the individual in order to provide the most suitable and effective health care possible.

Universal Clinic is dedicated to bringing affordable high quality and personalized health care to women of all ages. We provide a comprehensive range of services including women’s health screening, sexual health services, gynaecological check-up, and fertility testing counselling. It is your one stop centre to all your women’s health needs.

Why choose Universal Clinic for your women's health needs?

  • Patient centred comprehensive care
  • Advanced diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Doctors with years of experience in Women’s Health
  • Comfortable environment with well-trained clinical staff

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